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Madagascar, officially the Republic of Madagascar, Malagasy and Madagasikara REPOBLIKAN’I Madagasikara, is a country located in the western part of the Indian Ocean, separated from Africa by the Mozambique channel wide 415 km. Its capital is Antananarivo. Madagascar is often called the “island continent”, the “red island in the Indian Ocean” or the “eighth continent”. […]

Tanyah Tours is a malagasy tour operator based in Madagascar Antananarivo, Madagascar. We organize tours all over the island of Madagascar, with accommodation only or car rental sedan or 4×4. We can arrange theme holidays (holiday photo with a professional photographer, for example), beach holidays, discoveries like the mythical N7, short breaks in the last […]

Madagascar is full of heritage of humanity by UNESCO recencés cultural sites Zafimaniry art Zafimaniry , ethnic 30,000 people originating in the mountainous region in South East Ambositra have created them a clean architectural art . They build wooden houses in a specific assembly process . Doors and windows are carved with geometric designs accompanied […]

La RN7 d’Antananarivo à Tulear à Madagascar, le circuit mythique des hauts-plateaux malgaches au sud du pays