Madagascar is full of heritage of humanity by UNESCO recencés

cultural sites

Zafimaniry art


Zafimaniry , ethnic 30,000 people originating in the mountainous region in South East Ambositra have created them a clean architectural art . They build wooden houses in a specific assembly process . Doors and windows are carved with geometric designs accompanied by roses . Carved patterns in three dimensions overlook the wooden houses and villages consist of extreme beauty embellished their rice granaries on stilts.

The Zafimaniry art is found throughout various objects : wooden chests , chairs two sides , statues, various decorations …

This art is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2004.

Ambohimanga Rova


Mecca Royal Merina dynasty , it is one of the few vestiges of the history of Madagascar . Rova Ambohimanga has been classified as World Heritage in 2001.
This former royal city that was long sacred and forbidden to foreigners , can be visited today in excellent guides company.
It is the case of an extreme simplicity which was the residence of King Andrianampoinimerina , and buildings built in the nineteenth century by the queen Ranavalona Ranavalona I and II.

Impressive doors, lookouts , places where stood the royal speech , park oxen , sacred pools … is a beautiful architectural ensemble loaded with stories .

Natural sites

Tsingy Bemaraha


Malagasy first site to have joined the World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1990
It consists of thousands of acres of sharp spikes ( Tsingy in Madagascar ) a karst massif ” cut ” through narrow passages ( joints ) which are all mazes to travel very dramatically and offer an indescribable scenery .

This National Park offers short and easy hikes but true sportsmen treks .

“The largest natural maze in the world ,” ” an imposing limestone cathedral ” … the expressions do not fail to call this mineral which spreads over 100km in length parallel to the Mozambique Channel and 300km west Antananarivo .

eastern forests

The eastern forests include several national parks managed by Madagascar National Parks which 6 were classified , June 27, 2007 , World Natural Heritage by UNESCO.