Descent of Tsiribihina

  • Destination: West

Discover the time stops by the descent of the river Tsiribihina barge.
After 2 and a half days of intense discovery of the bush Malagasy living rhythm of the river, you have the choice to continue or return to Tsingy Morondava.

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Day 1

Boarding the barge and the beginning of the descent

Departure from the pier Masekapy (2:00 Miandrivazo) to 9/00 10am.
Beginning of the descent.
In the early afternoon, entering the gorge, the first observation lemurs.
Off to 16 h00
Implementation of the bivouac on a large sandbank which borders the forest.

Day 2


Departure 9:00
By midmorning, the barge landing to join a wonderful
cascade for “courageous”, a 30-minute walk will lead to a
beautiful natural pool.
Departure before noon, crossing high cliffs, the village of Berevo, arrival
bivouac to 16 hours, always on a sandbar.
A village in the vicinity, will join us in the evening, and a feast
with songs and pods will be held in honor of the guests.

Jour 3

End of the descent

Morning departure
Continuation of the descent.
We see the first baobabs.
Arrival around 11:00 to Tsimafana (left bank) just before Belo Tsiribina.
Lunch on the barge. Supported by 4×4 vehicles from Morondava. For those still in the Tsingy, possibility of landing at Belo / Tsiribina right bank.