Tsingy of Bemaraha

  • Destination: West
  • Duration: 4 days

Or not after the descent of the Tsiribihina, come visit this scenery like nowhere else in the mountain of stones called Tsingy. With a particular flora and fauna, this place will enchant you.

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Jour 1

Morondava – Bekopaka en 4×4

In the morning, 100 km of track (4h) sand to join Belo Tsiribihina and crossing by ferry Tsiribihina (30-60 min)
The trail continues on Bekopaka but it is even more difficult and tiring (earth).
Arrival at Bekopaka late afternoon you will cross the Manambolo a small tank (5 min).

Jour 2

Bekopaka (Tsingy)

Visit the Reserve Tsingy Bemaraha, a nature sanctuary World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
It is the largest protected area in Madagascar (152,000 hectares).
Geological formation impressive appearance, the reserve has eroded karst peaks in the middle of a vast limestone plateau.
Among the almost inaccessible wonders there are 6 species of lemurs (as deckeni recognizable by its white coat), many reptiles and 53 species of birds. It is also home to one of the smallest species of chameleon Brookesia perarmata. Its thorns remind us of the peak shape of the Tsingy.
In the midst of this dry forest, dolines and sinkholes are islands of greenery, with the species of baobabs and flamboyant alansonia up to 18 m high. The latter, the end of the dry season, give a red color that contrasts with the gray of the rock.

Jour 3

Bekopaka (Tsingy)

We also visit the park or walk on the canoe Manambola.

Jour 4

Bekopaka – Morondava

You take the road to Morondava.
After passing ferry takes an hour, continue the road across a landscape adorned with baobabs on both sides of the road.
Pose photo on the baobab alley at sunset, one of the most beautiful landscapes in the region.